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Information & Communications Technology Institute


The purpose of the Information and Communications Technology Institute is to provide additional focus on public-private partnership opportunities arising out of the development and deployment of advanced technology and communications networks that are becoming central to the delivery of governmental services for both national governments and their local governmental counterparts. As technology innovations in advanced IT, health information networks and smart energy solutions provide the public sector with new ways to provide service it also has enabled the private sector to bring technology and innovative solutions to bear through Public-Private Partnerships.

Mission Statement

The Information and Communications Technology Institute provides a forum for Council members with interests in the use of public-private partnerships for broadband deployment, smart IT enabled energy programs, health information technology deployment, cloud computing advances, smart buildings, safety and security networks, and advanced transportation applications. The ICT Institute is a platform to exchange best practices for the delivery of such services through public-private partnerships, as well as to discuss new solutions and to provide members and others with information on the innovative finance programs necessary to enable public-private partnerships to form and address the need for these technology improvements.


  • Robert Jennings, Interim Chair, Gigabit Squared LLC
  • Robert Hebert, Fort Bend County, Texas
  • Mark Willis, Wyoming Business Council
  • Anita Molino, Bostonia Partners
  • Parker Williams, Xerox State & Local Solutions, Inc.
  • Art Smith, Management Analysis Inc.
  • David Birtwistle, Balfour Beatty Construction
  • James Alford, Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP