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Real Estate Institute


The Real Estate Institute (REI) of the NCPPP provides a forum for Council members with interests in the use of public-private partnerships for real estate development and value optimization of underutilized government-owned land. The REI provides an Advisory Service Program for public officials, develops educational materials, and participates in conferences with the common objective of not only to promote real estate partnerships, but also the best practices in this emerging industry.

REI Advisory Service

Knowledge & Experience of REI
The advantage for REI clients is the ability of the REI to tap the extensive experience and knowledge of its members. Equally important, our clients realize the enormous benefits of a multi-disciplinary team of senior-level executives. The REI team includes specialists in the following areas:

  • Public/Private Finance
  • Land and Building Development
  • Real Estate and Municipal Law
  • Architecture and Planning
  • Construction

More specifically, REI members have extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Developing Procurement and Proposal Evaluations
  • Pre-development Methodology
  • Structuring Public/Private Finance Plans
  • Increasing Cash Flow and Reducing Development Costs
  • Development Budgets
  • Government Participation and Investment
  • Expanding the Primary Public/Private Partnership into Public-Public Partnerships and Secondary Public-Private Partnerships
  • Urban Design and Planning Concepts
  • Legal Structuring of Public/Private Partnerships

Types of Service
The REI Advisory Service group can advise clients at any time through out the pre-development process, or any time from project conceptualization through completion of the negotiation of agreements and post-closing advice or restructuring. To develop a framework for a project, the REI Team can provide industry insights into areas such as:

  • Urban design plans
  • Development budgets
  • Projected cash flows
  • Development costs
  • Sources of public and private investment
  • Alternative public/private finance plans
  • Alternative ownership, investment, development, and operation scenarios for the primary and secondary public and private partners

Kinds of Products
The product generated by the REI Team depends on the type of assignment and what type of product the client needs. Products may include one or more of the following:

  • An executive summary
  • A PowerPoint presentation
  • An on-site oral presentation

Relationship with Clients
In addition to quickly assembling a REI Team of specialists for clients, the focus of the REI Advisory Service is on quickly learning about a project and completing one-day brainstorming sessions with the participating public partner(s). Because our proposed work sessions with clients are generally limited to one day, we are highly focused on generating realistic and practical insights into successful public/private partnerships.

Fee Arrangements
In that the objective of the REI is to assist our clients in structuring successful public/private partnerships, we are limiting the charge for these advisory services to reasonable fees that will be charged according to the scope of work. Detailed pricing can be provided upon request.

For additional information on REI Advisory Service, contact Todd Herberghs, Executive Director of NCPPP, at 703.469.2233 or therberghs@ncppp.org.


The current active members of the REI includes:

  • Sinclair Cooper, Chair, Hunt Companies
  • Ed Crooks, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Robert Jennings, Gigabit Squared LLC
  • John D. Keegan, PE, Gilbane Development Company
  • Claudia Meer, Edgemoor Real Estate Services
  • Anita Molino, Bostonia Partners
  • Bob Penn, Bostonia Partners
  • Audie Tarpley, Satterfield & Pontikes Construction Inc.
  • Mark Waddill, Jones Lang LaSalle
  • Kevin Wayer, Jones Lang LaSalle