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Value of Membership

The National Business-Government Network

Without a doubt, the most valuable benefit of Council membership is our membership base. The Council’s membership is the only national network of business leaders and senior government officials providing organizations with a dependable information source on current activities within the public-private partnership arena. For more than 30 years, public and private organizations have benefited from the experience of peers, contact with potential partners, and the outreach to key federal and state organizations.

Bringing People Face-to-Face

Through its conferences and workshops, the Council brings participants together to tackle the spectrum of partnerships, including: education, environment, infrastructure financing, real estate, social services, transportation, water and wastewater, etc. These sessions attract top speakers in government and private business. Held in different regions of the country, program attendees come from both the local arena and across the nation, ensuring a broad mix of experiences and innovation. Specific industry-related seminars and customized training sessions, tailored to the specific needs of a geographic region, are also a focus of the Council.

Institutes, Committees and Task Forces

Special partnership issues are addressed through a range of member programs. Individual industry sector institutes provide a forum for collective action on common concerns: actions such as sponsoring seminars, preparing testimony or standardized documents, and contributing to the educational outreach of the Council. Committees provide an on-going framework for monitoring and addressing concerns that impact all aspects of public-private partnerships. Task Forces can also be organized for specific issues as they emerge.

Additional Membership Benefits

  1. Member Discounts: provides members a discount on publication purchases, conference and seminar registration fees and other Council-related activities.
  2. Speakers’ Bureau: provides members opportunities to speak at conferences and seminars in their areas of interest and expertise.
  3. On-Line Membership Directory: provides information about each member’s activities and expertise; a useful resource for those involved in partnerships.
  4. Referral Service: provides lists of members with expertise in specific areas in response to public requests.

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