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P3 Digest: May 23, 2017

White House Pushes to Leverage Private Sector for Infrastructure Change

As part of its budget rollout this morning, the White House identified public-private partnerships as a key principle to advance its infrastructure initiative.

“The private sector can provide valuable benefits for the delivery of infrastructure, through better procurement methods, market discipline, and a long-term focus on maintaining assets,” according to an Office of Management & Budget (OMB) fact sheet. “While public-private partnerships will not be the solution to all infrastructure needs, they can help advance the Nation’s most important, regionally significant projects.”

The budget plan also includes the following proposals:

  • Increasing funding for the Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act program to $1 billion annually for 10 years and expanding program eligibility guidelines.
  • Removing the $15 billion cap for private activity bonds under current law to ensure that future P3 projects can take advantage of this mechanism.
  • Making federal grants to private partners to build or improve a federal facility and donate it to the government in exchange for the right to retain revenue from the associated activities.
  • Establishing a mandatory revolving loan fund for financing federally owned civilian capital assets.
  • Increasing flexibility, including the use of P3s, to improve Department of Veterans Affairs infrastructure.

P3Connect 2017: Call for Session Proposals

In the coming days, NCPPP will be announcing the exciting details for this year’s annual conference, P3Connect 2017. As always, this event will take a critical look at today’s emerging and key issues in the public-private partnerships field.

NCPPP is looking for your input on sessions you would like to organize on topics such as: project trends in transportation, water, social infrastructure and other sectors; tools for effective development of P3s; and how local, state and federal policies are influencing the market.

Session proposals are due Friday, June 9. The proposal form can be downloaded at https://www.ncppp.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Call-for-Sessions-2.pdf. If you have any questions, please contact NCPPP Deputy Director Paul Kalomiris at (202) 618-4315 or pkalomiris@ncppp.org


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