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Edwardsville Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities

2005 NCPPP Infrastructure Award Winner
Project Location: Edwardsville, Illinois
Public Sector Partner: City of Edwardsville
Contact Name: Ben Dickmann, City Administrator, 618.692.7530
Private Sector Partner: Veolia Water North America – Central LLC
Contact Name: Angela Dye, Communications Manager, 317.263.6517

Project Summary
The City of Edwardsville and Veolia Water North America – Central LLC first partnered in 1987 with a contract that included operations and maintenance (O&M) of the City’s wastewater treatment plant. In 1992, the partnership’s success led to an expansion of the scope of work to include the management of the City’s water treatment facility and, in 2002, Veolia Water’s contract with the City was renewed through a 15-year agreement which included an $11 million in capital improvements plan.

The City’s facilities, a 4.28-million-gallon-per-day (MGD) activated sludge wastewater treatment plant and a 7.78 MGD ground water greensand filtration and zeolite softening plant, serve a population of more than 39,000 people. Veolia Water operates and maintains these facilities, which includes two remote pumping stations, seven wells, four water storage facilities, 30 lift stations and 22 grinder stations.

The project has been awarded the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency’s (IEPA) Certificate of Excellence Award in Wastewater Safety and Regional Plant of the Year Award and is twice a recipient of Veolia Water’s OPEX Award for excellence among the company’s projects. The wastewater treatment plant has also been a four-time finalist for the IEPA Group I Operation & Maintenance Excellence Award.

The partnership has produced significant results, including:

$12 Million Savings in Capital Improvements
Veolia Water funded an $11 million capital improvements program to the water and wastewater systems, saving the City approximately $12 million on the capital work, compared to the City’s estimates for the cost of the improvements.

Not a Single Lost-time Accident in 18 years
As a result of Veolia’s commitment to creating a health-and-safety-conscious culture, there has not been a lost-time accident in the 18-year O&M history.

Superior Water Quality – 100% Compliance
Through the partnership, Veolia Water has assumed full responsibility for compliance and has delivered 100% continuous compliance since assuming operations.

Superior Environmental Compliance – 99% Compliance
Since the partnership began 18 years ago, there has been only one effluent quality violation at the facility.

Technological Innovation and Cost Savings
Veolia Water’s global presence in the water and wastewater industry brings innovative technology and expertise to the City of Edwardsville. The partnership has provided better technology and equipment solutions, which have resulted in elevated process control, additional process flexibility, continuous effluent quality compliance and improved asset performance. These solutions contribute to the overall efficiency of the operations and help manage and minimize the life-cycle costs of the water and wastewater facilities.

As highlighted below, Veolia Water and the City of Edwardsville have executed significant capital improvements to enhance the quality of the system. Veolia Water’s capacity to fund, plan, and execute capital improvements will provide a $12 million cost savings to the city.

Wastewater Facility Improvements:

  • Completion of lift station upgrades for future growth.
  • Completion of the design and installation of generator sets for lift stations throughout the system to minimize and/or eliminate sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) issues in the collection system.
  • Completion of the design and installation of a Bioxide feed system for controlling filamentous bacteria and odors at the wastewater treatment plant.
  • Design and construction of the new regional lift to support increased residential and commercial development.
  • Design and construction of the new West Interceptor Phase II Corridor sewer to support increased commercial development.
  • Completion of the 24-ince force main upgrade from the “M” Street lift station.

Water Facility Improvements:

  • Completion of the design and installation of a new generator set at booster station #1.
  • Completion of the installation of an 18-inch water transmission line.
  • Completion of the installation of a 6-inch service line at the water treatment plant.
  • Completion of the second phase of the water treatment plant SCADA system upgrade.
  • Design and construction of the east-west connector water main.

Safe, Effective Operations
In 2004, the Edwardsville staff celebrated 18 years without a lost-time accident, which can be attributed to a strong emphasis on operational excellence, monthly safety meetings, peer audits and extensive training.

High-Quality Water and Wastewater Service
Since 1990, Veolia Water has generated more than 18 billion gallons of drinking water with no regulatory violations for exceeding maximum concentration limits. In regard to the wastewater treatment facility, Veolia Water manages approximately 600 regulatory compliance samples each year. Of the nearly 18 billion gallons of wastewater that has been treated, only one effluent quality violation has occurred.