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P3 Digest: April 18, 2017

Bureau of Reclamation Exploring P3 Opportunities The Bureau of Reclamation — an agency within the U.S. Department of the Interior — is interested in exploring ways to use P3s to meet its pressing infrastructure needs. To this end, the bureau is expected to issue a request for information (RFI) this month to discuss ways the agency can work with the private sector to identify alternative finance and delivery models. In …Read More

NCPPP Exclusive: A Conversation With American Campus Communities’ Jamie Wilhelm

American Campus Communities, Inc. (ACC) is the largest owner, manager and developer of student housing communities in the United States. Many of these projects are conducted as public-private partnerships on the campuses of universities that host them. As of June 30, 2016, ACC owned 162 student housing properties containing approximately 98,116 beds. Including its owned and third-party managed properties, ACC’s total managed portfolio consisted of 205 properties with approximately 133,136 …Read More

P3 Digest for Week of November 21, 2016

Powered by P3 INGENIUM, the most comprehensive source for P3 project updates in North America. The debate over how to fund infrastructure improvement and expansion projects featured prominently in the news over the past week. President-elect Donald Trump is floating several ideas, one of which he already proposed and another that he initially rejected but is beginning to re-examine. However,  a P3-advocacy group has pointed out that federal programs already in …Read More

P3 Digest Week of October 17, 2016

Powered by P3 INGENIUM: The most comprehensive source for P3 project updates in North America State-level debates over how to fund transportation projects continued to dominate the landscape over the past week with proposals ranging from gas and sales tax hikes to toll charges to mileage-based fees. Meanwhile, legislators continue to consider bills that would make it easier for agencies to enter into transportation P3s and one state continues to spur innovation …Read More

P3 Digest Week of October 10, 2016

Powered by P3 INGENIUM: The most comprehensive source for P3 project updates in North America WATER WAYS Not “privatization” — P3!  Despite its frequent use of the misleading “P” word, this Forbes op-ed actually is promoting municipal water P3s: “Under many privatization agreements a water company becomes the producer — being responsible for infrastructure upgrades, repairs and daily water production — while the municipality remains the provider and ultimate owner of …Read More

P3 Digest Week of October 3, 2016

Editor’s Note: This is the first issue of NCPPP’s updated P3 Digest, through which we will deliver more news to our readers on North American P3 projects, legislation, regulations and trends in a concise, easy-to-read format. Future issues will also include a variety of exclusive articles, including our popular Q&A interviews with P3 experts, profiles of NCPPP members and updates on NCPPP events. We hope you enjoy the new P3 …Read More

Innovative Partnership to Revitalize Infrastructure in Downtown Scranton

A nonprofit economic development organization will manage downtown parking assets for the city of Scranton, Penn., under a recently finalized agreement. The National Development Council (NDC) has purchased a 45-year concession/lease for $32 million and will oversee the operation, maintenance and collection of fees on more than 4,000 parking spaces. The project involves management and improvement of six parking structures, two of which are privately owned, and metered spaces on …Read More

Denver Suburb Joins Growing Ranks of Cities Using Private Ride Services to Boost Public Transit Use

A Denver suburb has become the latest community to team up with a ride-hailing service to increase the number of residents able to connect to public transit while reducing the city’s costs. Through a six-month pilot program Centennial, Colo., launched in mid-August, Lyft is providing free rides to residents who had relied on an advance-reservation, city-run shuttle bus to travel to and from Centennial’s light rail station, reported the Denver …Read More

Financial, Legal Advisors Sought for Pennsylvania Turnpike Broadband Network

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is seeking a financial advisor and a legal advisor to support a broadband network P3 project. The project involves the design, construction, financing, operation and maintenance of an expandable broadband network in the turnpike right of way, which will include fiber-optic cable and wireless antennas and towers. The network would be installed along the Pennsylvania Turnpike and must be designed to meet future communication and travel-related …Read More

Pennsylvania Turnpike Seeks to Replace Outdated Communications Technology with Fiber Optic Cable

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission will seek a private developer to install a fiber optic network along the 550-mile Pennsylvania Turnpike to meet future communication and travel-related needs, including those associated with “smart” vehicle use. The turnpike is a major transportation route in the state and a key link in the eastern U.S. road network. The state Public-Private Partnership Board’s approval of the project will allow the commission to select a …Read More